The Eye Thief by M K Farrar

Cover for The Eye Thief

Detective Erica Swift is on the hunt for a psychopath - one who seems to make a game out of collecting his victims' eyes. But a chance encounter drags a horrific event in Erica’s past to collide with her present. The murderer has one thing on their mind… Revenge.

Rebwar The Missing Parts by Ols Schaber

Cover for Rebwar The Missing Parts

He fled his homeland to start a new life only to have a shadowy government agency trap him in a vicious circle of broken promises and dreams. Ex-Iranian police detective Rebwar hides from his past behind the wheel of his Uber.

Unbound Ties by Liz Mistry

Cover for Unbound Ties

Book 7 in the DI Gus McGuire police procedural series set in Yorkshire. When the past unravels all that's left is death ... ' Fantastic. Dark secrets, flawed characters - and that's just the detectives!' 5 * Amazon Review

Desert Rose by K. Moore

Cover for Desert Rose

Alone in a foreign land, will Jennifer lose her freedom as well as her missing daughter? Jennifer’s life is forever altered when her ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, is abducted in Dubai. An investigation without answers. A conspiracy. A betrayal. What would you do if your child was taken?

White Collar Blackmail by Peter Ralph

Cover for White Collar Blackmail

When young auditor, Todd Hansen, runs up a huge gambling debt with illegal bookies, his life is on the line. Forced to provide them with confidential information about the corporations he audits, he is caught, and sentenced to nine years in New York’s toughest prison.

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