Surprise, Surprise! by Mike Faricy

Cover for Surprise, Surprise!
Beautiful, sexy, Phoenix Starr hires Dev to investigate her husband, Sterling Kozlow. She thinks he might be having an affair. After following Kozlow for days Dev waits for him to meet a woman in a bar. Unfortunately, he never shows, at least until Dev finds him…

Rain In Dark Woods by R.H. Johnson

Cover for Rain In Dark Woods
When a teenage girl vanishes without a trace, a small-town police chief calls on two veteran detectives to track down a predator who's just warming up.

The Village Fate by William Hadley

Cover for The Village Fate
There’s a power struggle in Wimplebridge, new money has challenged established wealth. Claudilia’s from the Belcher family, they own most of the valley. Maggie Macintosh is new in town, she’s young, she’s got a big house and a rich husband. Will she topple Claudilia? Can she unseat the queen bee?

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