The Shadow Watch by S.A. Klopfenstein

Cover for The Shadow Watch

A fierce sorceress on the run. A charismatic rebel with dangerous ambitions. Will their revolution save the realm or bring it to ruin?

Castle Charming by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Cover for Castle Charming

Curse magic, family drama and LGBTQ+ romance in a fairy tale kingdom. Welcome to Charming, where fairy tales come true (whether you like it or not).

Luna by Stella Fitzsimons

Cover for Luna

When a handsome Immortal named Winter tracks her down, Luna will be thrown in the middle of a brutal battle among the darkest factions of magic. Fighting for her life won't be the hardest part. The hardest part will be deciding who's a friend and who's a foe.

Guardian by Rob Radcliffe

Cover for Guardian

Bertie walks the corridors of Macmillan’s Hospital, befriending the dying, letting them know they are not alone, they have not been forgotten. Is he an angel, there to guide them to their eternity, or just a kindly hospital porter giving those close to the end a little hope?

Pundragon by Chandra Clarke

Cover for Pundragon

Ian is trying not to think about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. After all, what can he do about it? He’s just this small town guy. Or at least he was, until a dragon showed up in his bedroom. At midnight. Quoting Freud …

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