A Wicked Wind by Nicholas McIntire

Cover for A Wicked Wind
Prince Belgi and Hunter Aleksei Drago are fighting for the Queen's empire, searching for the kidnapped Princess Tamara, and evading an invisible, implacable wind demon created by the Demonic Presence to kill Aleksie. Jonas uses his intellect to uncover powerful magic while Aleksei implores the sentient, magical wood for aid.

The Dragon Gate by Randy Ellefson

Cover for The Dragon Gate
Four friends are summoned to another world from Earth. Mistaken for the Ellorian Champions, they must seal the Dragon Gate to stop a rampage of dragons. Failure means never going home...and death.

Reluctant by Kendrai Meeks

Cover for Reluctant
Geri just wants a normal life — one that involves a steady job and zero paranormal hijinks. But when a werewolf saves her life, she’s pulled into his quest to hunt down some pretty nasty bloodsuckers…

Death's Collector by Bill McCurry

Cover for Death's Collector
A highly sarcastic ex-sorcerer wanders about slaying lowlife scum. Then he disguises his quest for vengeance as a courageous rescue, but he finds the good man he once was at war with the man he now is - a murderer cursed to kill for the God for Death.

The Starstrike by J.J. Gonzalez

Cover for The Starstrike
Born from the stars that destroyed Old Earth years ago, GG5 becomes a soldier under the control of the Republic. When her first mission against the rebel fighters goes wrong, she’s forced to face her innermost desires. Even if it means falling for the enemy she was trained to kill.

Moon Dog Magic by Jennifer Willis

Cover for Moon Dog Magic
The fate of the world depends on a teenage witch and her cantankerous cat. Sally’s rune spells were meant for a healthier planet, but a grievous magickal error has her instead facing ancient legends, powerful warriors, and Ragnarok itself.

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