Dragontiarna Omnibus One by Jonathan Moeller

Cover for Dragontiarna Omnibus One

Ridmark Arban has defeated both the mighty Frostborn and the evil of the Seven Swords, and now he only wishes to live quietly with his family. But Ridmark's oldest enemy, the Warden of Urd Morlemoch, has not forgotten him. And the Warden knows a dangerous secret. For the dragons are returning...

The Witch's Spark by Melania Tolan

Cover for The Witch's Spark

This is a contemporary fantasy set in Seattle about a sickly girl who discovers she's a witch and someone wants her powers. She must learn to stay alive with the help of a vampire and elf, but also protect those she loves.

Army of the Cursed by Karim Soliman

Cover for Army of the Cursed

Doom is only a matter of time. The Goranians had seventeen years to prepare for the war with the Army of the Cursed. Today, they realize they are doomed. Now their fate rests in the hands of a clueless royal, a stubborn princess, and a hapless peasant.

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