Restriction by CM Raymond, LE Barbant & Michael Anderle

Cover for Restriction
Restriction is a fantasy set in the far future, where magic and monsters ravage the land of Irth and only the strong survive. Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Restriction tells of the heroes and villains who battle for control of Irth’s destiny.

3 Minutes To Midnight by L.M. Hatchell

Cover for 3 Minutes To Midnight
First in a page-turning series: Phoenix has kept her magical identity under wraps while living among humans in Dublin. But when a mysterious werewolf arrives on her doorstep and speaks of a disastrous prophecy, Phoenix must learn to embrace the supernatural and save the world!

Dreams Of Dust by Lily Anne Crow

Cover for Dreams Of Dust
Thaniel Swift joins a band of heroes heading east into the unknown wilderness. The young cartographer must help lead his new allies in their hunt for missing villagers, the cause of a mysterious pestilence, and an enemy to both nature and humanity - the ancient Queen of Dust.

The Peace At Knife's Edge by James Pina

Cover for The Peace At Knife's Edge
With the peace of empires lost at the stroke of a single blade, the looming fear of a now inevitable war and a mysterious ancient wisdom guiding the way for our heroes on the run, The Peace at Knife’s Edge offers high stakes adventure at an unrelenting pace.

City Of Sevens by Elizabeth Coleman

Cover for City Of Sevens
On her 23rd birthday, Nadia Winters receives a mysterious gift that throws her into a world of the supernatural, witchcraft, and cutting-edge technology in Silicon Valley.

Warbringer by Aaron Hodges

Cover for Warbringer
Centuries ago, the world fell. From the ashes rose a terrible new species—the Tangata. Now they wage war against the kingdoms of man. And humanity is losing.

Fastening The Grave by LA McBride

Cover for Fastening The Grave
There are two things Kali James can’t walk away from: death and vintage clothing. A costume designer by trade and reluctant necromancer by necessity, Kali is pulled into a dangerous world where it’ll take more than her skill with a sewing needle to survive.

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