Spiritblade by P.R. Williamson

Cover for Spiritblade

To defend his family, he must embrace a dark destiny. Fifteen-year-old Yuji dreams of becoming a samurai, even though he knows it's impossible for a poor orphan. But when a bully attacks his sister, Yuji's violent response reveals a powerful birthright and makes him a target for the terrifying yokai.

Out of Practice Aphrodite by S.E. Babin

Cover for Out of Practice Aphrodite

When a colossal misstep lands Aphrodite right back into Olympian politics and under the steely-eyed glare of the king of the gods, she knows this time things are different. To get out from under Zeus’ annoyingly watchful eye, he demands a love match between two people of his choice.

Stolen City by L.D. Greenwood

Cover for Stolen City

Stolen City is a first in series, fast paced urban fantasy novel with a fiery siren and an earthy vampire that test the boundaries of loyalty and friendship.

Bonds by Marie Anne Cope

Cover for Bonds

When a church is sold to developers, its secret is released, and a witch, in denial of her Craft, must embrace her birthright to save herself from an immortal stalker, intent on destroying her to break his four-hundred-year-old curse.

Poison Magic by Josh D Sanders

Cover for Poison Magic

A psychic drifter is hired by a woman to provide protection for her at her son's wedding. He is marrying the daughter of a powerful wizard. The woman who hires Trevor is a high ranking official in a magical hate group. She dies and Trevor is then left to investigate.

Broken Witch by Robin Marr

Cover for Broken Witch

No past meant no baggage. Now I own a condo with a secret in the basement, and Vampire pledges and demon half-bloods are hunting me. And my magic? It’s started to leak out. I have to control it. Before I kill someone I don't mean to.

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