I’m a reader. How do I get my free books?
That’s easy! Simply sign up here, tell us which genres you’re into, and you’ll start receiving your free books when the next promotion goes out.

Where can I read my books?
At the moment, we only promote books sold through the Amazon store. Kindle books can be read not just on Kindles, but any device with the Kindle app – including computers, phones and tablets! We plan to add more stores and eBook formats in the future.

Need help?
Please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


How do I submit my book for promotion?
You can submit your free book for promotion here. Note: at present, you can only submit ONE book or box set at a time. You are responsible for ensuring that your book is set to FREE for ALL readers during the promotion period (not just Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Refunds will not be offered if your book has to be withdrawn because it has not been discounted.

How many days will my book need to be Free?
If selected, we will send you details of your promotion dates. Our promotions run once a week, from Friday to Sunday, so your book must be set to Free for the three days the promotion is running. There is no need to set your book to Free before you have been accepted. We will give you plenty of notice to make your arrangements.

How do I upload a second book?
At the time of writing, you can only submit ONE book to Hello Books at a time. Only upload a fresh book for promotion after your previous promotion has finished or if you’ve been notified that your previous application was unsuccessful.

Can I submit a box set?
If it’s sold on Amazon as a single product (i.e. a collection, box set or omnibus edition), then yes! We also consider novellas.

What price does my book need to be?
Any book or box sets submitted to Hello Books must be set to FREE for ALL readers (not just Kindle Unlimited subscribers) at the time of promotion. Your book MUST be set to FREE in at least the US and UK stores, but ideally, as many as possible. You are responsible for ensuring that the correct promotional price is in place during the promotion period. Refunds will not be offered if your book has to be withdrawn because it has not been discounted.

Can I promote a paperback, hardcover or audiobook?
No, we only run promotions on Kindle ebooks. If selected for a promotion, you only need to discount your Kindle version to free!

If I have multiple pen names, can I submit a book for each?
Yes! Each pen name can submit a different book for promotion, but please make sure to use a different email address for each pen name. This helps prevent one submission from cancelling another.

Do you accept/promote books in languages other than English?
Not at the moment, but we’ll consider it going forward.

Is it possible to change the date of my promotion?
It is not currently possible to choose or change your specific promotion slot. If successful, your book will be allocated a slot, and payment will be requested. If the slot doesn’t work for you, simply do not pay the fee. Your slot will be cancelled, and you can reapply later.

How much does a Hello Books promotion cost?
Our current price is $40 per weekly promotion. We will only request payment when your book has been selected.  Please note that whilst we reserve the right to change our prices at any time, there is no obligation to proceed and pay for your promotion, even after selection.

How long does my book have to be discounted during the promotion? 
Our promotions run from Friday to Sunday each week, so a selected book needs to be discounted for three days.

Can I promote books that aren’t on Amazon?
Right now, we only promote books on Amazon. As most authors are published on Amazon (whether exclusive or wide), this is the best place to start – we will look into expanding our links to include other marketplaces in the future.

Which genres are you accepting books in?
We’re currently running promotions in the following nine genres:

  1. Crime (Crime Fiction)
  2. Mystery (Cozy Mysteries; Historical Mysteries; Mystery)
  3. Thrillers & Action (Thrillers; Action and Adventure; Psychological Thrillers)
  4. Romance (Contemporary Romance; New Adult Romance; Romantic Suspense; Historical Romance)
  5. Paranormal Romance
  6. General Fiction (Historical Fiction; Women's Fiction; Literary Fiction; Christian Fiction) 
  7. Science Fiction
  8. Fantasy
  9. Teen, Middle Grade & Young Adult (Children's Middle Grade; Young Adult)

Do you promote non-fiction?
Not at this time – we currently only promote narrative fiction, though this is constantly under review.

How soon will I know if my book has been accepted?
We aim to assess your application as soon as possible - hopefully within a few days. Some genres may take longer than others, depending on how many submissions have been received.

If my book is unsuccessful, can I apply again?
Absolutely! Feel free to resubmit your book as soon as you like.

Hello Books have already promoted my book – can I submit it for another promotion?
Yes, but we recommend only submitting a book 90 days after a previous promotion.

How big are your lists?
Whilst we cannot provide exact numbers, every one of our genre lists is sent to thousands of potential readers.

What links do I need to provide?
A link to any of your book’s Amazon pages will do (UK, US or elsewhere) – we’ll create a bespoke link that sends all of our readers to the correct Amazon store for their location.

Why should I share the promotion with my fans?
If each author shares the promotion in which they feature, all of the authors in that promotion will benefit. For example, if each author has 100 fans, and each author shares the promotion, then 500 readers will see the deals, and many will take advantage of them. Combine that with the extensive social media campaign we will run on your behalf, and we believe each promotion will have a wide-ranging reach. If you do share the deal, please send us evidence at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will give you a discount for your next promotion.

Still got a question for us?
Please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.