His Longing Heart by Jan Thompson

Cover for His Longing Heart

He is a struggling violinist living in poverty. She is a billionairess violin collector with a trust fund. Living in two different worlds, will their unexpected romance last?

The Rescued Bride's Savior by amelia rose

Cover for The Rescued Bride's Savior

He yearns for family. She’s desperate to escape hers. When the stagecoach delivers his wife-to-be, will he win her wounded heart?

Traded: Brody and Kara by Tess Thompson

Cover for Traded: Brody and Kara

She can’t risk showing her face. Publicity follows him wherever he goes. Will danger destroy desire, or will love get a second chance? If you like courageous heroines, steadfast heroes, and heartfelt stories of friendship and family, you’ll adore Tess Thompson’s emotional saga.

All At Once by Lindsay Harrel

Cover for All At Once

When Gabrielle is paired with Tyler to lead a group of kids at summer camp, she’s determined not to give the man who broke her heart a second chance. If only she can get her traitorous heart on board …

A Man Called Smith by Tanya E Williams

Cover for A Man Called Smith

A battle-scarred father. A disillusioned daughter. Can a grieving widower rebuild his splintered family to find peace at last? With characters so painfully vivid they almost leap from the page, A Man Called Smith is an emotional novel that weaves a complex tale of lies, love, forgiveness, and family.

Where There Is Life by Charlene Carr

Cover for Where There Is Life

Autumn forces her eyes open. Blinding light sends stabs of pain through her head. She blinks, trying to remember, to figure out where she is and why she can’t move. But she can’t remember… Evocative and complex. Honest and emotional. A riveting story about love, loss, and finding your way.

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