General Fiction

Her Husband's Son by Aviva Gat

Cover for Her Husband's Son
Lila's husband comes home with disturbing news and a request: can she raise the child he had with his ex?

You Are Divinely Cherished by Davina Louise Adina

Cover for You Are Divinely Cherished
Short Stories of God's miraculous presence in our lives, in our challenges, and our everyday situations. Even when death visits unexpectedly, we are reminded that we are deeply cared for and watched over by the Divine in subtle and sometimes glorious ways.

A Fisherman's Dream by Arthinkal

Cover for A Fisherman's Dream
A Fisherman's Dream is the story of Aryan, a young man living in the coastal village of Kornur, India, who dreams of becoming an artist one day. This is a coming-of-age story about perseverance, survival, and self-discovery.

Where Have We Come by Saz Vora

Cover for Where Have We Come
Based on true events, the story of a young couple as they struggle to come to terms with the birth and eventual death of their profoundly disabled son. Will the chasm created by their differences pull them apart? Or will their love overcome the traditions observed by Nik's family?

Friday Night Fever by Andrene Low

Cover for Friday Night Fever
Samantha’s life is perfect until she discovers her boss wants to shag her and her fiancé is shagging someone else. Fever is about looking for love in all the wrong places and finding yourself along the way. It’s full of bad language, bad behavior and poorly executed Farrah Fawcett hairstyles.

The Love I Meant by Eliza Osborn

Cover for The Love I Meant
In 1916, Anna returns to New York as a member of one of its most esteemed families. But a murder that sent her best friend to prison, a reunion that brings her into the center of a gang war, and a stack of found letters reveal a disturbing truth.

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