General Fiction

Hormones, Hexes, & Exes by JC Blake

Cover for Hormones, Hexes, & Exes
‘Full of murder and mystery with a little magic thrown in for good measure.’ Liv’s fiftieth birthday brings unwanted gifts: magical powers and a cheating husband. But life really takes a nosedive when his mistress turns up dead and Liv becomes the number one suspect. Discover the killer today!

Love Is Patient by Faith Arceneaux

Cover for Love Is Patient
In this Contemporary Christian Romance, college friends are reunited during her lowest point. He patiently reminds her how she deserves to be loved.

Endangered Refuge by Sherri Wilson Johnson

Cover for Endangered Refuge
Undercover U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agents Dallas Heath and Elyse Bradford have infiltrated one of the largest big cat illegal trading rings in the States. Can they succeed at bringing down the kingpin without ripping apart their shot at a future together?

Coffee Stains by Kat Caldwell

Cover for Coffee Stains
Using a dead girl's name is just one of the things Ana Lopez is willing to do to graduate college and build some sort of future for herself. You name it, she'll do it, if it gets her closer to a better life and helps her escape her violent past.

Whiteout by Wayne C Stewart

Cover for Whiteout
Evil lays quietly beneath a snowbank, a few miles south of McClelland, Iowa. Rookie State Trooper Carter Jons is about to get a crash course in terror at the uneasy junction of justice and redemption.

The Telephone Girls by Patricia A McBride

Cover for The Telephone Girls
England 1940. When Lily Baker joins the ATS, she is excited to find herself posted to Paris with three other brave girls. But danger threatens when France surrenders, trapping them behind enemy lines. Will Lily and her friends make it out of the Nazi-occupied country alive?

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