General Fiction

They Said I Couldn't Do It by Robyn Pearce

Cover for They Said I Couldn't Do It
It’s 1843, Ohio. Blacks can’t vote, have almost no rights, and as for going to school, what’s the point? But John Mercer Langston yearns to learn. Discover the first African-American elected to public office and one of the outstanding black leaders of his century.

Turbulence by Lewis Kenneth Ritter

Cover for Turbulence
Danny Watkins writes for the student newspaper. After an important news story goes wrong, Danny is fired and loses his scholarship. He risks everything in to recruit a controversial activist, to speak on the campus. If he fails, he must serve in the unpopular war in Vietnam.

The Execution (The Mimosa Tales Book 2) by Linda Thackeray

Cover for The Execution (The Mimosa Tales Book 2)
No one is safe when William Cahill, enraged at the execution of his nephew, vows revenge on Judge Davis who delivered the sentence. Davis is going to suffer, and so is his widowed daughter-in-law, Holly. Can Marshall Kris Jensen and his men save Holly from her fate?

The Hummingbird And The Sea by Jenny Bond

Cover for The Hummingbird And The Sea
The Hummingbird And The Sea tells the story of four people whose lives are inexorably linked when an enigmatic Englishman seeks shelter in a small, Puritan enclave. Based on a true story, this is a powerful tale of love, faith, hidden passions and the eternal search for freedom.

Amelia's Tears by Sara Powter

Cover for Amelia's Tears
Amelia Westaweller's life turns upsidedown when convicted of theft. Sent to Australia, she experiences the horrors of a convict woman life. However, she meets some honest people, who help where they can; she must serve her time. Struggling against the odds, she rebuilds her life, finds love and acceptance.

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