General Fiction

Pearl Gates: Parables from the Final Threshold by Sarah Hinlicky Wilson

Cover for Pearl Gates: Parables from the Final Threshold

A man arrives at the gates of heaven holding a faith that’s not his own; another clutches a suitcase he’s unwilling to give up. One woman demands to be sent back; another asks for a new name. The twelve open gates of heaven reveal the truth about their loves…

Yuh Can't Stop de Carnival by Vidya Birkhoff

Cover for Yuh Can't Stop de Carnival

If you like dark comedies, you’ll love this! Riotous, uproariously funny and entertaining, these colorful characters will keep you turning the pages. The authentic West Indian banter will make you laugh out loud and tug at your heartstrings at the same time.

Autumn: A Small Town Sweet Romance (Finch's Crossing Book One) by Amy Ruth Allen

Cover for Autumn: A Small Town Sweet Romance (Finch's Crossing Book One)

Autumn, a celebrated artist, has lost her creative edge and risks losing her happy, small-town life. Meanwhile, she must stop a handsome, clueless guardian from shattering a little girl’s heart. A wholesome story with lovable characters trying to save their town from the specter of big-box stores and online shopping.

Necessary Sins by Elizabeth Bell

Cover for Necessary Sins

In antebellum Charleston, a Catholic priest grapples with doubt, his family's secret African ancestry, and his love for a slave owner's wife. This sweeping family saga transports readers from the West Indies to South Carolina to the Wild West. Perfect for fans of THE THORN BIRDS.

The Scribe by Elizabeth R. Andersen

Cover for The Scribe

Henri is spoiled, cruel, and clueless. After an encounter with a kindly scribe forces Henri to commit a terrible act, will Henri allow himself to question his faith and culture, or will he decide to maintain the status quo in order to fit into a society that doesn’t want him?

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