General Fiction

Nephilim Island by Shawn Hopkins

Cover for Nephilim Island
A missing brother. A mysterious island. And and ancient evil pulling the strings... Described by readers as "Dan Brown meets LOST meets Left Behind," this action-packed first part of the Progeny saga uncovers an ages-long battle between Good and Evil...the whole world hanging in the balance.

They Met at Shiloh by Phillip Bryant

Cover for They Met at Shiloh
Battles are planned by the generals, but they are fought by the soldiers; the simple, the scared, the green, the boastful, the veteran, and the foolish.

The Little Blue Door by Francesca Catlow

Cover for The Little Blue Door
Can a lost past lead to a beautiful future? Melodie sets out on a trip to Corfu to reconnect with happier times. She meets a handsome man and his intriguing daughter. But who holds the key to Melodie’s past, and who will open the door to her future?

Upon a Dream by Sora James

Cover for Upon a Dream
What if you could dream up your ideal lover? Liz Martin can, but will falling in love with her fantasy destroy her marriage? Can Liz abandon her dream to save her marriage? Does she even want to? Discover unbridled passion, unending love, and the Mediterranean coast, in this page-turning story.

Aliens in Windsor by Sally Ann Melia

Cover for Aliens in Windsor
Alison measured her years in decades. Ten years gaining a double PhD is astrophysics. Ten years working at Dark Skies sites. Two years as a teacher. Two years that felt like ten, until aliens landed in the Quad outside the Chapel.

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