Boulevard Dreams by E Ryan Janz

Cover for Boulevard Dreams
In this clever mystery set in 1958, a private eye endures surrealistic dreams of a friend's suicide and discovers he vanished weeks before the dreams began. His investigation propels him down a spiraling road to face the shocking reality of his friend’s fate and the final desperation of his own.

The Missing Piece by Hiliary Amanda

Cover for The Missing Piece
A gripping tale of love, loss, and terror, The Missing Piece delivers a white-knuckle ride through every known emotion...culminating in dual endings. Pick your path wisely: there’s no turning back.

Beware Of The Trains by Alan Orchard

Cover for Beware Of The Trains
It's 1967, and private detective Peverell Wood is trying to find a missing person from a sleepy English village, but his enquiries seem to provide a catalyst for murder as he desperately tries to solve the case.

Vrooms, Brooms & Heirlooms by Maddy Savanna

Cover for Vrooms, Brooms & Heirlooms
The last time witchy car mechanic Victoria Fox did magic, she nearly blew up half a street. Oops. No more magic for her, but is a witch who doesn’t do magic still a witch? Well, she does have a knack for inviting magical trouble to her shop's doorstep.

Paul Madison P.I. by Sharon Michaels

Cover for Paul Madison P.I.
A short read cozy filled with mystery, romance, and a touch of magic. This is the story of Paul Madison PI, an idealistic cop turned private investigator. He will not rest until he figures out the real reason so many “accidents” are happening in his neighborhood.

Cold Comfort by Trevor Douglas

Cover for Cold Comfort
How do you catch a killer who never leaves a clue? A rookie female detective is working her first murder case. Evidence points to a serial killer but her bosses aren't listening. Can she find enough evidence to catch the killer before he kills again?

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