Territorial Instincts by Sandy St. John

Cover for Territorial Instincts
Jessie Gallagher quit her job to get away from a tyrannical boss, and when she finds her murdered, she believes it was Karma. But the boss’s dog is another story. He shouldn’t have to live tied to a rope by an equally miserable sister. She’ll risk everything to save him.

Over My Dead Husband's Body by Etta Faire

Cover for Over My Dead Husband's Body
Carly was thrilled when she inherited her ex-husband’s house after he died, until she realizes she’s also inherited his ghost, his murder case, and a whole mess of danger.

Toxic Deception by K.C. Gillis

Cover for Toxic Deception
A suspicious death. A trail of blood money. A terrible corporate secret. A young reporter will stop at nothing for the story of a lifetime. Can she succeed before she ends up in a body bag?

A Thin Sharp Blade by Fran Smith

Cover for A Thin Sharp Blade
Cambridge, 1903. When a popular boxer dies and her brother collapses after an exhibition match, Vita spots a connection the experts have missed. The very professor who rubbished her dreams of studying science is the one she needs to convince. Can Vita prove what really killed the boxer?

The Witch Who Couldn't Spell by Katie Penryn

Cover for The Witch Who Couldn't Spell
Penzi’s a novice witch whose mother's been locked up for murder. Penzi doesn't yet have the skills to find the real killer. Moreover, she's hit a stumbling block. She’s dyslexic and cannot decipher the script of her grimoire. She needs help desperately if she's to save her mother.

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