Slice Of Murder by Rosie A. Point

Cover for Slice Of Murder
When Gina returns home after losing her job and fiancé in the City, she doesn't expect to find her uncle's pizzeria in disarray. Or the dead body of the head chef. Gina has to figure out whodunit and save her uncle's restaurant before she takes the fall for the crime.

Knight Blind by Alice Bienia

Cover for Knight Blind
After surviving a brutal attack by a deranged fellow employee, Jorja Knight has started her life over as a private investigator. The gritty reality of her new job hits home when her search for a wealthy Holocaust survivor’s long-lost nephew unearths a web of blackmail, deceit, and murder.

Backdrop Dead by Cynthia Thomason

Cover for Backdrop Dead
Join savvy but inexperienced Gwen Barlow and a cast of quirky entertainers as they deal with mysterious murders, financial woes, and the challenge of keeping their glittering showboat afloat. Will Gwen's unexpected inheritance be a blessing or a curse? All aboard the Magnolia Palace for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Case Of The Fugitive Flamingo by L. C. Richards

Cover for The Case Of The Fugitive Flamingo
Newly divorced Julia Ross heads out on the adventure of a lifetime. Her goal is to sunbathe and catch up on self-care. Her vacation turns into a murder investigation when a fellow camper is found dead in his RV. Can Julia find the real killer before he gets away?

Poison at Pemberton Hall by Fran Smith

Cover for Poison at Pemberton Hall
Vita Carew longs to be left to her studies, but cannot avoid the event of the season, a gala at Pemberton Hall. When disaster strikes she uncovers dark secrets beneath the Hall's elegant facade. Who is to blame and can she prevent the poisoner from striking again?

The Case Of The Haunted Hotel by B I Skinner

Cover for The Case Of The Haunted Hotel
A priceless, stolen tiara jeopardizes a 100 year old haunted hotel and its ghostly inhabitants. A covert spirit communicator is their only hope.

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