The Stain by G C Chase

Cover for The Stain
A teenage boy turns up dead at the foot of the prestigious Chilton Hill. When local journalist Audrey Lord arrives on the scene, the wealthy residents think his motive was robbery and he fell. As Audrey investigates and race relations run high, she suspects this was no accident.

Mirror Man by Jacques Von Kat

Cover for Mirror Man
The antique store is under threat. Can the shop’s misfit worker foil the mystery attacker’s plans, or is he about to be in big trouble?

Secrets and Scandals by Piper Glendale

Cover for Secrets and Scandals
Called back to the small town she thought she left for good, Emily Delaney finds herself unraveling an unsolved mystery, trying to save the newspaper, and working to clear her friend accused of murder. To complicate matters, her ex-high school sweetheart is now a handsome detective blocking her every turn.

A Dealer Dead Ahead by Scarlett Moss

Cover for A Dealer Dead Ahead
A mystery-obsessed widow. A retired police dog. Can these two new friends sniff out a smuggler?

A Killer Opening by Matilda Adler

Cover for A Killer Opening
She inherited a luxury island, with a shocking catch. Will a bullet-ridden body ruin this amateur sleuth’s chance at reclaiming happiness? If you like flawed heroines, dazzling settings, and twists that keep you guessing, then you’ll love Matilda Adler’s sail into suspense.

15 Minutes: Maizie Albright Star Detective by Larissa Reinhart

Cover for 15 Minutes: Maizie Albright Star Detective
Maizie Albright has one chance to prove she can make it as the real-life version of her most famous role. But now that her life depends on it, can she play a detective for real?

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