Crooked Curse by Jennifer Willis

Cover for Crooked Curse
A reluctant medium, an entitled ghost, and a dead body on the beach. It’s the first murder by magick in Naghatune Bay. Can Suri help solve the murder while keeping her teahouse and bookshop afloat, and survive the killer’s sorcery sights?

Premedicated Murder by Erica J Whelton

Cover for Premedicated Murder
Following her husband's death, Joanna tries to regain her long-blocked psychic powers. Fake it until you make it becomes her motto until things get real.

Final Chapter by Pam Stucky

Cover for Final Chapter
Your new favorite amateur sleuth! A small town cozy/traditional mystery series for fans of Louise Penny, Ellery Adams, and Alexander McCall Smith, with characters you'll wish you could befriend. For Megan Montaigne, living in the mansion-turned-library is a dream come true. At least it was, before the murders started.

Curse Of The Emerald Ring by Sharon Michaels

Cover for Curse Of The Emerald Ring
Mix together a paranormal mystery, an animal spirit guide, a shapeshifting nanny, and several foolish young women and you have the makings of one family’s struggle to battle a vengeful curse created over a boiling cauldron.

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