memoirs of an invisible child by Kelly Walk Hines

Cover for memoirs of an invisible child

When I was three, my mother was murdered by her abusive new boyfriend. This heartbreak was just the beginning of a series of tragic events that shaped my childhood. I was forced to take on the role of the invisible child for self-preservation.

Courage in a White Coat by Mary Schwaner

Cover for Courage in a White Coat

This true wartime drama, written in novel format reveals the experience of Dorothy Joy Kinney Chambers M.D. and her family. From her primitive missionary hospital to starvation in the prison camp, Dorothy's story will grip your heart and inspire your admiration.

The Journey in Between by Keith Foskett

Cover for The Journey in Between

The advice of a stranger. A 1000-mile pilgrim's trail. A chance encounter that sets the stage for a journey of a lifetime on El Camino de Santiago. Come join the hike.

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