Love Like Jesus by William F Johnson

Cover for Love Like Jesus

Is it hard for you to love yourself and others? There are millions of people in the world unable to either give or receive love. I know because I was one of them and I have met hundreds more just like me.

The Real Food Reset by Roland Denzel and Galina Denzel

Cover for The Real Food Reset

Is food controlling your life? Fed up with constant cravings? Tired of being overweight? Roland and Galina Denzel have helped hundreds revolutionize their lives for healthier, happier eating, and they’re here for you, too! Discover the system that will let you take back your life and enjoy real food again.

Seven Mindful Questions by Lisa Nezneski

Cover for Seven Mindful Questions

“I don’t want to miss my life!” Using mindful questions, Lisa Nezneski rebuilt her life after almost dying. This change management tool is so much more. 7MQ addresses wasting time, repeating mistakes, and aligns actions with what’s important. Small changes in questions you ask yourself will lead to exponential transformation.

Fear Is A Choice: Unraveling the Illusion of Our Separation From Love by R. James Case

Cover for Fear Is A Choice: Unraveling the Illusion of Our Separation From Love

This book will change your life because it will change your relationship with Fear We are inundated with Fear messaging and training from the moment of our conception. All Fear in our experience is learned- that's why Fear Is A Choice!

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