Paranormal Romance

Holly's Holiday by CB Samet

Cover for Holly's Holiday
When Holly’s match-making mischief unearths Drex’s secret spy life, they’re both in for a whirlwind holiday adventure. From award-winning author CB Samet comes a “sparkling” holiday novella rich with romantic suspense, a touch of the supernatural, and a heart-warming happily-ever-after.

The Quest: A Tale Of Desire & Magic by Heather Strang

Cover for The Quest: A Tale Of Desire & Magic
Think true love and spirituality can’t be hot? Think again. For 30-year-old Kathryn Casey, merging the two has developed into a lifelong Quest. A mind-blowing psychic prophecy sends Kathryn on a journey that melds meditation, hot sex, energy healings and dark chocolate.

A Little Red by Bethany Maines

Cover for A Little Red
Scarlet Lucas might be Little Red Riding Hood, but she never expected her boss, the ferociously attractive Liam Grayson to be the Wolf. But when Liam is the victim of an attack that traps him in wolf form, Scarlet must face down warlocks and his own pack to save him.

Out Of The Dark by Nola Jackson

Cover for Out Of The Dark
LaLa was born to be the packs, Luna. Jace was born to lead the pack. At Lala’s first opportunity, she escaped the shackles of expectations and became who she was destined to be, a warrior princess—according to a six-inch pixie. And yet, Fate and Destiny have plans of their own.

A Mate for Thanksgiving by Erin Havoc

Cover for A Mate for Thanksgiving
As a vet, the worst thing that could happen just did: I ran over an animal. On Thanksgiving, of all days. I take him home but, to my surprise, the animal is not there the next morning. A man lies in his place. A very, very handsome man...

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