Paranormal Romance

The Cursed Prince by Teresa Roman

Cover for The Cursed Prince

Discounting stories the supernatural, sensible Willow has never been one to believe in magic. When she receives an unexpected invitation to a gathering hosted by the mysterious Korzha brothers, Willow learns of a terrible family secret. Can Willow accept a truth she never believed and save the cursed prince?

The Tracker's Mate by Ingrid Seymour

Cover for The Tracker's Mate

When the son of a powerful alpha is kidnapped, Toni—a skillful and witty tracker—gets recruited to find him. Sparks fly as, along with an irresistible werewolf, she gets pulled into a plot meant to cause a war between werewolves and vampires.

Phantasma: The Awakening by Efthalia

Cover for Phantasma: The Awakening

Carissa Alkippes is a daughter of a god but she doesn’t know it. Xen Lyson - head of the Phi Athanatoi, a group of immortals who have been protecting humanity. Thrown face to face with Xen during a skirmish, Carissa becomes a pawn in a deadly game.

Glory Reborn by Sherry L. Brown

Cover for Glory Reborn

A car crash with a total stranger put her on the path to her destiny. She can no longer hide from it. From him. From what’s coming for her...

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