Paranormal Romance

Long After Dusk by Emma Alexander

Cover for Long After Dusk
After Nick goes missing, Willow the Witch is assisted by a charming vampire from the Damage Assessment department named Darien. Along the way, Darien's thought-provoking questions make Willow reevaluate her relationship with Nick. Eventually, they find Nick, but their lives will never be the same.

The Blizzard Crossing by Lyssa Lund

Cover for The Blizzard Crossing
During a blizzard, Bri Ryan follows her Hounds off the trail in the woods. Injured they are rescued by a Guardian as cold and aloof as the woods surrounding them. To stay alive, Bri needs to navigate this new world and find a way home. Can she trust the Guardian?

Cowboy's Cupid by Niki J. Mitchell

Cover for Cowboy's Cupid
When a Cupid’s arrow accidentally strikes the wrong cowboy, she’s supposed to fix her mistake—not fall for the alluring mortal.

Once Upon A Dream by Aislinn Archer

Cover for Once Upon A Dream
Paranormal fantasy meets rockstar romance in the opening of the Mystic Beach series. Romance, rockstars, music and magic collide in a quirky beach town where legendary rockers mingle with witches, Druids and creatures of myth. Meet Hunter and his bestie, Brighid, who always knew they were destined to be more.

Zodiac Fate by R.C. Luna

Cover for Zodiac Fate
As darkness approaches, Sasha must harness her zodiac power or be lost forever. Unforeseen monsters and desires threaten to consume her. Will she uncover her true fate or succumb to the shadows? Book 1 in a gripping fated mates series.

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