Lies That Bind Us by K.L. Clare

Cover for Lies That Bind Us

Deadly lies. An unexpected love story. “A sensual, riveting romantic thriller.” —NYT bestselling author J. Kenner Everything my family told me was a lie. Will is my truth. He’s a ruthless man with twisted secrets, but I don’t care. I run with him. Because his darkness is my salvation.

Ground Zero by Jessika Klide

Cover for Ground Zero

When former Navy SEAL Jeff Crockett witnesses an attempted kidnapping of a young girl, he makes a choice to save her. But he doesn’t realize that his decision will change his life forever. It is the catalyst for a new career and the event that opens the door to love.

The Homecoming by Terri Jones

Cover for The Homecoming

Autumn’s home with a degree but with no job, no prospects, and no idea what she’s doing, and when her brother’s war hero best friend asks her out, things get…. complicated.

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