Science Fiction

T-Rexes & Tax Law by Rachel Ford

Cover for T-Rexes & Tax Law
A routine tax fraud investigation. A strange lab. A mysterious button. He shouldn’t have pushed the button. But Alfred Favero, senior analyst with the IRS, pushed the button. And now he’s stranded 67 million years in the past. Things couldn’t get worse. Or could they?

UFO Down by DC Alden

Cover for UFO Down
After a powerful earthquake rocks Harry Wakefield’s remote farm, he races up the mountain, convinced that a plane has crashed on a nearby peak. But when he arrives at the crash site, the wreckage is unlike any aircraft Harry has ever seen… and something inside has survived.

Fall Of The Pathfinder by L. C. Lowe

Cover for Fall Of The Pathfinder
When he is blamed for an explosion that causes a collapse, Julian flees into the ruins of Old Easton, the city his father’s mistake destroyed a decade ago. The only ally Julian has there is Garret, a charming thief with secrets of his own.

Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel

Cover for Bitcoin Hurricane
London, 2045. Legendary hacker, the SimCavalier, is called in to unravel a global crime syndicate's cyberattacks on global financial systems. With the stakes rising and her carefully protected identity exposed, she and her team are in a race against time to stop the impending chaos and save humanity from disaster.

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