Science Fiction

Bel Breaker by Chris Cardenas

Cover for Bel Breaker
A science fiction/mecha adventure set on a world where water arches through the skies.

Alethea by S. L. Mason

Cover for Alethea
“We are not Gods. No matter what Zeus thinks.” Sydney and Herathina, two women whose seemingly unrelated lives come together over a millennium to change the fate of the universe. Nothing has prepared you for the culminating clash between Gods and Titans that has raged from the dawn of time.

Randy And Larry Sort Of Save The World by Brent McLean

Cover for Randy And Larry Sort Of Save The World
Randy and Larry were humanity's last hope. Humanity was looking pretty screwed...

YuFu's Run 1 by Rayner Ye

Cover for YuFu's Run 1
YuFu works on a lunar methane rig, dreaming of the day he can retire. But he must flee into space when he's framed for a terrorist attack he didn't commit. Can he prove his innocence while being pursued by police and killer cyborgs? And who is assassinating government officials?

The Night Rangers by J.R. Froemling

Cover for The Night Rangers
The Night Rangers, an elite top-secret paranormal hunter force for the US Military, is the only line of defense between humanity and monsters. Tasked with locating the source of a new street called Kiss, their mission takes them to Bogotá, where the hunters become the prey.

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