Science Fiction

The Brother’s Creed Box Set by Joshua C. Chadd

Cover for The Brother’s Creed Box Set

Get the complete award-winning and best-selling series that has a combined total of over 600 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon! Two brothers fight to survive the end of the world with their faith and humanity intact!

Safe Passage by Rachel Ford

Cover for Safe Passage

Go big, or go home. A down-on-her-luck engineer and a daring privateer take on a crime syndicate in this high stakes space opera heist! 2019 Lesfic Bard Sci-Fi Award Winner

Armstrong Station by D.M Pruden

Cover for Armstrong Station

A thrilling space opera that you will not be able to put down. What happens when you discover a stowaway aboard your ship who everyone looking for wants to kill?

Anachronist by Andrew Hastie

Cover for Anachronist

What would you do if you could change your past? For fans of Harry Potter and Doctor Who A coming-of-age story about a teenage boy and his journey into the secret world of time guilds, memory vampires and extinction curators.

City of Cinders by Kendrai Meeks

Cover for City of Cinders

When it comes to opulent escapism, The Kingdom rules. Even VR courts, however, have their intrigues. Cindira's job is to clean the code and keep its secrets. But when a detective threatens to expose the vreal world's dirty underbelly, can she decode his true motives in time to save herself?

Apprentice by Richard Weale

Cover for Apprentice

He could have been anything when he grew up. Somehow “killer” ended up top of his list… Young orphan Billy Brambling doesn’t believe in being ordinary. Fearing life already passing him by, the eccentric nine-year-old jumps at the chance to learn how to become a deadly assassin.

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