Science Fiction

Dunked In Wood by Daniel Mousavi

Cover for Dunked In Wood
A comedic science-fiction story about a shape-shifting music professor, the reincarnated Albert Einstein, and a succubus on their road trip across the bizarre world of Fluxterra.

Mind Masters: Awakening by Bridget McQueen

Cover for Mind Masters: Awakening
Enter a world where suddenly, no one can lie. Magan struggles to remain alive after global telepathy is unleashed. All secrets are revealed…and it’s her fault. To survive, she must abandon her old ways, but discovers a surprising revelation about the power of love that forever alters her fate.

Sundered Sky by Ariele Sieling

Cover for Sundered Sky
When his father disappears, leaving chaos in his wake, Quin must travel the universe to find him and fix the myriad problems he left in his wake.

Ancient Evil by James Viner

Cover for Ancient Evil
Bounty hunter, Silas Trask, and his android companion, Peavey, track a murderer to the desert planet, Akodror. But archeologists there have awakened an alien god who could destroy the world unless Trask can stop it.

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