Teen Middle Grade-YA

The Unseen Curse by Zachary Jeffries

Cover for The Unseen Curse
Juniper Szmydt hates her small town so much, she solves small crimes to pass the time and get petty revenge. But when a town founder is murdered, Juniper discovers her town’s dark secrets are dark magic. Now, she must solve the murder or her father will be the next victim.

Byte Me by Celinda Labrousse

Cover for Byte Me
High school parties are supposed to be fun, not life threatening. Too bad no one warned about the zombies. When students start disappearing, there is only one choice: your life or the truth. Because in this game you win or die.

Joshua N'Gon: Last Prince Of Alkebulahn by Anthony Hewitt

Cover for Joshua N'Gon: Last Prince Of Alkebulahn
What would you do if you discovered you were the Last Prince of Alkebulahn - an ancient alien kingdom and the only person who could save his friends, family, and the world from forces of evil both alien and human? Young Joshua N'Gon must answer that question before it's too late.

Mission Clockwork by Arthur Slade

Cover for Mission Clockwork
He's the greatest spy of the Victorian era, but he's met his match... Almost since birth, Modo has been trained to morph from his unsightly, hunchbacked-self into anyone. His first mission: fighting a deadly, secret organization that has the British Empire in its sights.

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