Teen Middle Grade-YA

Sensation: A Superhero Novel by Kevin Hardman

Cover for Sensation: A Superhero Novel

Blessed with a plethora of superpowers, teen outcast Jim is finally given a chance to join the world's premier superhero team – just as a shadowy cabal bent on world domination identifies him as the only obstacle to their plans.

Warning Call: A Novel of the Black Pages by Danny Bell

Cover for Warning Call: A Novel of the Black Pages

Someone has sent a cosmic horror to kill Elana, and with a looming prophecy she needs to break, running isn't an option if she wants to save her friends and her city.

Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

Cover for Prince of Wolves

What would it be like to have a true mate? What if that mate was a werewolf? Three best friends are about to find out.

The Runaway by Jordan Ford

Cover for The Runaway

He’s on the hunt for a fresh start. She’s trapped in a nightmare she can’t escape. Can love help them make a break for freedom?

Nova Terra: Titan by Seth Ring

Cover for Nova Terra: Titan

Trapped in his own body by a debilitating medical condition, Xavier Lee seeks reprieve from his giant-sized problems through full immersion into the game world of Nova Terra. If you like immersive storytelling, rich fantasy, and epic adventures with a slice of friendship thrown in, you’ll love this page-turning series.

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