Teen Middle Grade-YA

The Rules by Paul Orton

Cover for The Rules
A fast-paced thriller for 13-15 year olds. If you like teenagers with attitude, you'll love Ryan Jacobs!

Shannon's Odyssey by S.M. Stevens

Cover for Shannon's Odyssey
Forced to steer her own fate, a plucky eleven-year-old treks a hundred miles through dangerous forest to find her long-lost grandmother, with only a compass, her wits and a mysterious amulet to guide her. She encounters evil and kind animals, and learns secrets about herself and her family.

Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich! by Sarina Siebenaler

Cover for Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich!
What happens when a little girl wishes on a shooting star for a pet of her very own? She wishes for a pet ostrich, of course! Their wildly crazy and fun-filled feathery shenanigans will keep kids guessing what will happen next.

Sabiha's Dilemma by Amra Pajalic

Cover for Sabiha's Dilemma
Can Sabiha play the part of the good daughter so that her mentally ill mother is accepted back into the Bosnian community?

Grumpy Gorilla And Happy Hippo by Scott Harrison

Cover for Grumpy Gorilla And Happy Hippo
Are you a Grumpy Gorilla or a Happy Hippo? Join two friends on a journey of discovery as they learn how to look at things from a different perspective .

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