Thrillers and Action

Enter the Blockchain by Brandon Chin

Cover for Enter the Blockchain

Fukuoka, Japan. A young Jamaican-Japanese woman, Airi, runs her own blockchain startup. She challenges the idea of "power" with this new form of digital trust. She's having trouble leading, when a climate change fueled tsunami wrecks her innovative city. Will Airi be able to face herself and lead the survivors?

Spin Drift by Lisette Kristensen

Cover for Spin Drift

She never changed sides, she just changed lanes. Sloane found herself at a Mossad training facility, alone and uncertain what her future would bring, a test was thrown into her path. Succeed and a shadowy world of espionage and danger would test her at every turn. Fail, she was dead.

The Five by A P Bateman

Cover for The Five

The five richest people have been assassinated. To avoid the list, the rich are donating their wealth. The terrorists responsible are regarded by many as heroes, but MI5 suspect more than altruism and when links to a prominent cabinet member are made, King is sent to investigate.

The Normandy Club by Bill Walker

Cover for The Normandy Club

After discovering an insidious plot to alter history by preventing the Normandy Invasion, two lovers travel back in time to save both their world and their very existence.

Don't Ever Go Back by Ed Tipple

Cover for Don't Ever Go Back

Michael remembers travelling the Moscow Metro, with his friend, Dimitri, from the Bolshoi Theatre. What people don’t know is that they can also be places where the KGB eliminate their enemies as they did when they tossed Dimitri under a metro train. But why murder? What had Dimitri done?

Five Will Die by Trace Conger

Cover for Five Will Die

When a serial killer stalks a sleepy Ohio town, everyone is a suspect. When sheriff Tim Burke receives a note claiming five people will die in town, he believe it’s a prank. Then the first body turns up. Can he solve the murders before the killer claims his fifth victim?

Perfect Record - A DCI Jones novel by Kerry J Donovan

Cover for Perfect Record - A DCI Jones novel

DCI David Jones is a copper with a perfect record, Sean Freeman is a criminal genius who's never been caught. Someone's career is about to be ruined.

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