Thrillers and Action

Exceptional Merit by George P. Norris

Cover for Exceptional Merit
Lieutenant Keegan is living a double life. His secret...he's been running guns to the Irish Republican Army for years. Unexpectedly, Keegan's two worlds collide. He's forced to make a decision where his loyalty lies...the IRA, or the NYPD. A decision that could cost him his family, freedom, or his life.

Rose City Free Fall by DL Barbur

Cover for Rose City Free Fall
Detective Dent Miller hunts killers on the rain-soaked streets of Portland. Now they are hunting him. Can an honest man win against rich, powerful enemies that will do anything to hide the truth?

When the Robins Left by Hazel Bergen

Cover for When the Robins Left
Amsterdam 2038 - A fugitive on the run, a boy without his mother. After their daring escape fails horribly, Roosmarijn gets entangled in the tentacles of the fascist regime. Will she be able to save them both from a fate worse than death?

Hollow-Point Diplomacy by R.H. Johnson

Cover for Hollow-Point Diplomacy
When Russia and Iran join forces to seize control of Europe and the Middle East, black-ops company Snakeriver steps up to the plate. First of five novels in the Travis Delta series.

Capital Falling by Lance Winkless

Cover for Capital Falling
Former SAS soldier Andy Richards is no stranger to horrors, but no training could ever have prepared him for the nightmare unfolding at home. The perfect tale for troubled times, CAPITAL FALLING delivers dark thrills and surprising sentiment—twisted, cerebral fun. You’ll race to the end like your life depends on it...

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