Thrillers and Action

The Other Side Of Trust by Neil Robinson

Cover for The Other Side Of Trust
A brilliantly compelling spy thriller which will keep you guessing, and have you on the edge of your seat. Get it now, and discover what is on The Other Side of Trust.

True Beginnings by Jennifer Peer

Cover for True Beginnings
Someone sent a hitman to kill her. She took him out with a teaspoon and her grandma's bible. Figuring out why he was sent and how she was found is key. After all, she's been playing dead for twenty-five years.

The Voice by T M Goble

Cover for The Voice
Covering her past has been easy. Ensuring it stays there is a different matter. The opportunity seems too good to be true. Aaron would be easy to manipulate. Can she find the secrets in their background before they discover hers? Or will someone make sure she fails?

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