Thrillers and Action

Family Ties by D.M. Foley

Cover for Family Ties
Jessica accepts a job on Gardiners Island, her search for her biological family takes center stage. The hostility projected toward her by those on the island leaves her wanting to finish her assignment and leave as quickly as possible. Clues bring discoveries and the question - who wants her gone?

The Blackout Of Markus Moore by Dan Grylles

Cover for The Blackout Of Markus Moore
Is he a victim, suspect, or target? A doctor remembers nothing about his life or the dangerous and murderous game engulfing him. He risks his vocation, his freedom and his life to find the killer of his wife and the secret of his identity.

Helix: Episode 1 by Nathan M. Farrugia

Cover for Helix: Episode 1
A genetically-enhanced operative's deadly mission will lead her to a startling conspiracy in this riveting read.

The Cheat Killers by Gordon Warden

Cover for The Cheat Killers
Cheating husbands everywhere… Beware of the beautiful stranger! After a strange encounter with a woman on a plane, Detective Inspector Harry Black is thrown into a new investigation. Unfaithful husbands are being found murdered in a bizarre fashion, and clues are deliberately being left at the scenes.

Saving Mozart by Victor Boda

Cover for Saving Mozart
A doctor obsessed with his patient. A soldier on a dangerous mission. A girl on a quest to save the boy of her dreams. When their worlds collide, will each of them survive? A fast-paced thriller that will keep you riveted until the very last page!

Everlasting Quarantine by Saman Adhami

Cover for Everlasting Quarantine
A high-school reunion, stressed people in their thirties and a new pandemic scare...

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