Thrillers and Action

Night Shadows by Chris Lewando

Cover for Night Shadows

Tom kills to make the world a better place. General Hawke will stop at nothing to put Tom – and his unborn child – under the microscope. Even Tom doesn't know what's driving him, and needs to find the answers, quick. No one is prepared for the truth.

The Blood of Tyrants by M. P. MacDougall

Cover for The Blood of Tyrants

A new president. A freak accident. Can Lawson Holland choose between vengeance and justice? For some problems, blood is the only solution.

Wings Over Ghost Creek by A.W. Baldwin

Cover for Wings Over Ghost Creek

Owen discovers murder at an archeological dig but when he and a park service pilot try to reach the sheriff for help, their plane is shot from the sky. Can he and a moonshining hermit uncover an unusual form of theft and escape assassins and dealers in black-market treasure?

Dark Heart by Catherine Lee

Cover for Dark Heart

A vicious serial killer meets his end — but one victim remains unaccounted for. Detective Charlie Cooper delays retirement to find the missing woman, but his only hope might come from the unlikeliest of sources: Eva Matthews, the recipient of the killer’s heart…

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