Thrillers and Action

Proof Of Life by Sheila Lowe

Cover for Proof Of Life
After recovering from amnesia five years ago, Jessica Mack never told anyone she had started hearing voices from the spirit world. Now, forced to use her "gift" to help find missing four-year-old Ethan Starkey, she can no longer ignore the voices.

Nailed It! by J.R. Ripley

Cover for Nailed It!
What happens when South Florida’s most unscrupulous realtor meets South Florida’s biggest con artist? What happens when they meet on the roof of the mansion belonging to the world’s most ruthless scrap dealer? Who knows? But sparks are bound to fly, especially with that hurricane coming straight at them!

Killing Rebecca by K. J. North

Cover for Killing Rebecca
Marni Rome's life is shattered when a late-night knock at the door brings a devastating message that destroys her world. Revenge is the only thing on her mind. The perpetrator needs to be held prisoner until she decides their fate. Nothing too quick—they must suffer before their death sentence.

The Killing Of The Cherrywood MP by Louise Burfitt-Dons

Cover for The Killing Of The Cherrywood MP
Taut, hardboiled, detailed and funny, THE KILLING OF THE CHERRYWOOD MP covers the search for a neo-Fascist extremist with a vendetta against former ISIS brides. In this HOUSE OF CARDS style grassroots thriller, an off-the-wall Private Investigator goes rogue to save her own skin and foils a deadly terrorist plot.

Helix: Episode 1 by Nathan M. Farrugia

Cover for Helix: Episode 1
A genetically-enhanced operative's deadly mission will lead her to a startling conspiracy in this riveting read.

Unholy Alliance by Simeon Hughes

Cover for Unholy Alliance
Unholy Alliance is a gritty counter-terror thriller by debut author Simeon Hughes, who weaves his own real-world experience into every page of this fast-paced thriller that’s guaranteed to keep you burning through the pages late into the night!

Overdose by Rada Jones

Cover for Overdose
Mysterious deaths. A looming evil. When her patients start dying, can a lone ER doc stop the slaughter?

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