Thrillers and Action

Corktown by Ty Hutchinson

Cover for Corktown

Executives from Detroit’s automakers are being mutilated, and all signs point to a serial killer known as the Doctor. But there’s a problem with that. Detroit Police locked him up seven years ago.

The Saracen Incident by JACK BOWIE

Cover for The Saracen Incident

A decades-old conspiracy. An investigator with nothing to lose. Politics, business, and technology collide in this nail-biting thriller.



He’s a troubled SAS veteran with blood on his hands. She’s a fiery wildlife investigator fighting organised crime. Failure is not an option.

Blood Orphan by Samantha Adair

Cover for Blood Orphan

Tom Grant, disgraced government agent, is assigned a simple job. Take Isabella Wirth from a banquet before a contract killer finds her. Pursued through the streets of Paris, Tom and Isabella evade a relentless killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse, while seeking revenge to reconcile the past.

Masterpiece by Janet Pywell

Cover for Masterpiece

Photographer, artist and art forger Mikky dos Santos has had a tough life and now she’s about to steal the world’s most famous stolen painting – Vermeer’s The Concert – worth $200 million.

The Final Flight by James Blatch

Cover for The Final Flight

A deadly crash, a government conspiracy, a lone pilot with one chance to uncover the truth. James Blatch’s page-turning thriller is set in the 1960s world of secret military projects and an establishment that wants victory over communism at almost any price.

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