Women's Fiction

The Story of Keilah by Joann Keder

Cover for The Story of Keilah

After the death of her father, Keilah moves to quiet Sandy Salts, Iowa to find herself. The town is full of quirky people who all have secrets. In the middle of uncovering the truth of one unusual resident, Keilah realizes she's blocked out her own dark history.

Just Give Me a Soft Place to Land by Judy Condon

Cover for Just Give Me a Soft Place to Land

Just Give Me a Soft Place to Land is character-driven with strong voices eliciting palpable emotion, drawing the reader into empathizing with the character. Each woman opens topics relative to all women and which become perfect fodder for book club discussion.

Another Yesterday by Angela Christina Archer

Cover for Another Yesterday

"You never get another yesterday . . ." It's something my mother used to always say, and although I heard the words, I never really knew what they meant. At least not until my life had utterly fallen apart.

The Girl With The Red Scarf by Andrea Hicks

Cover for The Girl With The Red Scarf

Returning to House in the Hills orphanage in Sarajevo, Tom Alexander uncovers a photograph of a little girl wearing a red scarf who looks like Ellie, the girl Tom has fallen for, an image that could destroy everything he thought he knew about Andreij Kurik, the boy he once was.

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