Requiem For Thursday by Douglas Cockell

Cover for Requiem For Thursday
Detective Eilert Weiss is forced to look outside the boundaries of standard police work as he investigates a bizarre and apparent suicide. Carly Rouhl, the daughter of famous author A.L. Rouhl finds herself a suspect, but she may be the one who holds the key to it all.

Cicada by Eric H. Heisner

Cover for Cicada
A small rural community is unsettled from its routine when an old murder case, based on lies and deceit, is scrutinized by a resident who is closer to the incident than expected.

The Doctrine Discovery by Paul Casella

Cover for The Doctrine Discovery
With police on his trail and a murderer closing in, Eddie Hill follows seventeenth-century clues to a mystery set by a courtier to the king of England. A mystery that puts his family and friends in jeopardy, and could expose one of the United Kingdom’s most closely guarded secrets.

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